Nutanix CE 2.0 nested install hyper-v

Everyone wants to try something new.
So thats why i want to make this setup guide for installing the new Nutanix CE 2.0 nested on Hyper-V.
It will need some adjustments, but besides that you don’t need to have spare hardware as every Windows 10/11 can have Hyper-v role installed.

Before you can start off installing the vm there are a couple off things to do.
Make sure your system can spare the following hardware to the VM.

  • 4 vcore
  • min 12 GB memory / recommended 20 GB
  • boot disk 32GB
  • CVM disk 256 GB(dynamic expanding)
  • DATA disk 512 GB(dynamic expanding)

There is dynamic expanding on the 2 last disks because you can choose larger volumes then there is on disk.

After this youll need to download the iso and some tools the add drivers to the iso.

Before you can mount the iso, it needs to be prepped with the drivers. Thanks for superautomation for making the script.
Install a ubuntu vm and make sure the Nutanix iso is there in the users home folder.
Run the below commands to get the iso prepped

sudo apt install genisoimage
git clone
mkdir ahv-on-hyperv/iso
Modify the script that all ce-2020.09.16 entries are modified to phoenix-ce2.0-fraser-6.5.2-stable-fnd-5.3.4-x86_64
nano ahv-on-hyperv/
Press Ctrl + \
ce-2020.09.16 [return]
phoenix-ce2.0-fraser-6.5.2-stable-fnd-5.3.4-x86_64 string [return]
Press A to replace all instances
cp ~/Downloads/phoenix-ce2.0-fraser-6.5.2-stable-fnd-5.3.4-x86_64.iso ./ahv-on-hyperv/iso/
cd ahv-on-hyperv/
chhmod +x
copy the file output/phoenix-ce2.0-fraser-6.5.2-stable-fnd-5.3.4-x86_64-hv-mkiso.iso to the hypervisor

After that, you are ready to make the VM.
Make sure to use a generation one vm.
Assign the iso you prepped.
Enable nested virtualization for this vm!

Set-VMProcessor -VMName <VMName> -ExposeVirtualizationExtensions $true

After this follow the things on the screen, make sure you’ll scroll down to the bottum at the eula.
It can take a while to install, this depends on the hardware you use.
CPU, memory and disk.