Ethereum layer 2 airdrop

There where a lot of rumors last year that arbitrum and optimism where going to airdrop to early adopters.
After some time they made announcements about not going to create such tokens.
As we know now they made an airdrop and it was an huge one.
Optimism dropped more than 200m $OP tokens. Arbitrum dropped even more than 1b $ARB tokens.

So rumors are there that a couple off layer 2 networks following this behaviour.
The biggest ones here are ZKsync and Starknet.
There are a lot off ways to be an early adopter.

  • Making tx’s on the network, like swapping volume.
  • Minting NFT’s
  • Bridging to layer 2
  • Joining liquidity pools

For zksync there are a couple of websites saying what to do.
check out for example and boxmining

Starknet allready announced an airdrop here
And basically what it says for developers that they need to build on top of the rollup.
Other consumers just need to interact and make transactions.

Please keep in mind, only do things you trust.
For now i did some transactions, bridging and participated in liquidity pools.